We guarantee that, no matter what material it is, we will pursue
flatness and smoothness.
It’s our technique that differentiates us from others.


Saito Optical Science Co.,Ltd started in Saitama, 1977. We started by processing and shaping glass-covers for watches, which became our core business. Ever since our establishment, we have developed our capability of processing a variety of materials besides glass, such as diamond, sapphire, ceramic, metal and rubber. Not only do we process them, but we have pursued perfection in flatness and smoothness, and proved our value in the optical industry and several other fields, until this day.

From 1997, we began to provide technical services to our clients, based on our rich experience of processing, as one of our core pillars of business. Ever since, we have been able to expand our capabilities to not only process materials, but to provide assessments and research insights for processed material, consulting services for processing companies and selling related machinery. This allowed us to evolve to a leading company which can do pretty much anything related to processing materials.
In 2015, we reallocated all functions of the company, including headquarters, research institutions and the manufacturing line to Misato, Akita, which has contributed to reinforcing our stableness of business, and developing our technique.

In September, 2021, we have promptly completed the succession of business, and we are now focusing on creating new values, by aligning with our fellow partners in and outside Japan.

Contributing to the Prosperity of our Society

As the severity of energy issues throughout the world is increasing, materials such as SiC and GaN have gathered attention for their potential to become the new normal for semiconductor materials. Although such materials are well known for their difficulty for processing, it is vital to flatten the surface of the material at an atom-level to maximize its ability as a semiconductor. This has motivated us to take initiative in this field, and develop our technological capabilities. By utilizing the best processing method, we have succeeded in creating the most ideal surface. This maximizes the value of the material, and the function of semiconductors, which contributes to solving social issues and generating an innovative and prosperous society for the next generation.
On behalf of the concept of open-innovation, we will continue to tenaciously strive with our partners to become a role model for the Japanese manufacturing industry.

To be the Leading Company of Akita

In Akita, alongside other rural areas in Japan, we are currently experiencing a loss in the young generation to urban areas, which heavily affects the ongoing aging process of society. Being a locally based S.M.E in the manufacturing field, we believe that our significance is unignorable to the surrounding community, and therefore grants us the responsibility to commit to such issues. To contribute to the local community we have been supported for more than 45 years, we will continue to put theories into action in such fields such as the satisfaction of workers, corporate responsibilities and swift adaptation to shifts in social values, and eventually lead not only Akita, but Japan.

Thank you for reading to the end, and we are looking forward to working with you!