What Saito Opt. provides

Contract Evaluating, Material Testing, Research, Processment Consulting, Selling Polishing-related material, Polishing-related Machinery.
We will provide a broad variety of solutions for issues related to polish-processing.

Trial production for R&D

We are capable of taking care of a variety of boards regardless of the material, flatness and thickness. Depending on your needs, we will provide data related to the board’s processed surface and shape.

Record of material) Sapphire, SiC, GaN, Oxides, Ceramics, Metals etc.

Evaluation test of secondary material / commissioned research

Thanks to our development assistance from a client’s point of view, we are able to contribute to the competitiveness of material.

Record of product) Polishing Slurry, Polishing Pad, Whetstone, Detergent etc.

Various evaluation and analysis

By utilizing our rich resources of testing equipment, we will evaluate and analyze data of your products.

Wafer cleanliness

Surface roughness



Abrasive evaluation

Laser interferometer

Optical surface analyzer

Slanting incidence

Atomic force microscope

Machinery sales

We are capable of selling machinery used in preprocessing~polishing. If you are considering insourcing this process, feel free to contact us!